ESG Environmental & Social Governance

Information according to ESG - Disclosure Regulation (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation - SFDR) - EU2019/2088:

Since Findos was founded in 2006 investment principles have been implemented that are decisive for its investment decisions.

The focus of the funds rests on maintaining, developing and improving the competitive positions of the portfolio companies in the relevant markets, their long-term profit situation and their sustainability. The funds do principally not invest in portfolio companies with a view to liquidate their corporate structure or to achieve or facilitate the destruction of such companies.

It is our statutory obligation and common practice to integrate considerations as regards environment, social aspects and principles of a responsible governance (ESG – Environmental & Social Governance) besides economic aspects into our investment decisions. Adverse effects on sustainability factors in potential target companies clearly speak against their acquisition. Potential target companies as well as portfolio companies may, in particular, not be involved in the direct production or the distribution of products, which are manufactured in order to harm human beings in their integrity (e.g. weapons).

Naturally, both the funds and each portfolio company must comply with all laws and regulations (in particular but not limited to environmental laws and regulations regarding industrial safety) as well as all generally accepted guidelines and standards relevant for the respective business area of the portfolio company.

In view of the high standards for ethical conduct and integrity (e.g. respect of human rights and of standards and principles of the International Labour Office of the United Nations (ILO)), that also our investors apply as part of their own investment activities, it is our clear understanding that comparable standards shape the investment principles of our portfolio companies. Therefore, no investments will be made in companies that conflict with these principles and standards. In particular, no investments will be made in companies that use illegal or unethical means or which discriminate or exploit weaker or helpless actors.

The principles of diversity and inclusion (DEI – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) are to be sustainably enhanced in our daily business.